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About Third Eye Body Art
Tattoo and Piercing – Mesa, AZ

Each Tattoo artist has their own unique style that they like to express whether it be Traditional, Realism, Portraits, Black and Grey, or colorwork.

Our Piercers use only implant-grade nickel-free jewelry from manufacturers such as Anatometal, Industrial Strength, BVLA, Junipurr, and more.

We boast a fully-disposable setup meaning nothing we use is ever re-processed and used again.

When it comes to privacy, each station is a private room allowing the artist to focus on giving you their undivided attention.

Your safety and comfort are our most valued goals.

We are Mesa’s Premier Tattoo Shop and Body Piercing Studio.

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Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare

Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

Healing procedure (with Tegaderm or Saniderm):
Leave bandage on for 3 days
Remove bandage, wash thoroughly with warm water and soap.
Make sure to clean the area of all blood and plasma.
Pat dry with a clean towel. Apply a thin layer of scent/dye free lotion.
Wash and moisturize 2-3 times a day until healed.
No swimming, tanning, or hot tubs for 2 weeks.

(It is going to itch, this is your skin healing, do not scratch; You will damage the tattoo.)

Your tattoo will go through different stages of healing (e.g Scabbing, flaking, peeling) it is all normal, let it come off on its own; don’t panic or pick at it. 

Expect your tattoo to go through a phase called “The Uglies” where it will look old and faded–this is a normal part of the healing process. If you have any concerns or questions about your tattoo please don’t hesitate to call, our goal is for you to have a great healing tattoo. 

After 3-4 weeks, once the tattoo is healed we can take a look at it to see how it has healed, if you are in any need of touch-ups we can do that for you free of charge (excluding hand and foot tattoos). Our work is guaranteed for the lifetime of the tattoo.

Piercing Aftercare

Week 1 | Inflammatory:
Swelling, redness and clear fluid are normal.
Saline only NO ICE!!!

Week 2-4 | Healing:
Yellow ‘crusties’ form, don’t pick ’em! Begin to warm soak.

Week 5 | Maturation:
Redness should be mostly gone. Still clean the piercing.

Week 6 | Downsizing:
Come in because we may need to change the jewelry.

Use alcohol-free mouth rinse 2x a day (maximum!!). 

Follow FACIAL aftercare for lip piercings.

Ice and cold drinks during healing.

Swelling is normal for 2 weeks.

Eat soft foods during initial healing.

Rinse with cold water after every meal.

Do NOT play with jewelry at all.

Downsize jewelry in 2-4 weeks or when swelling has reduced.

Healing can take up to 3 months.

Soak 2x a day with a saline solution (contact lens cleaner is NOT the same thing).

Be sure to rinse off excess saline in shower.

Do not turn/twist jewelry and DON’T pick at your crusties.

Follow TORSO aftercare.

Bleeding is normal for a week.

No unprotected sex during healing!

Sex can resume when comfortable (4-6w)

Shower before/after sex during healing.

Jewelry downsize after 6 weeks.

Piercing can take up to 6 months to comfortably heal and settle in.

Saline soaks for the first 24-48hrs.

Don’t pick crusties or blood.

Let dry out, don’t cover.

Be very careful not to catch!

Don’t change the head yourself.