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My journey began right here in Arizona, I started my Apprenticeship at a tattoo shop in 2014 where I learned a very basic understanding of what it means to be a Body Piercer. My apprenticeship ended in February of 2015; from there I began to acquire knowledge on my own. Through the last two and a half years I have attended both the 2016 and 2017 Association of Professional Piercers Conferences’ in Vegas, and Attended the Fakir Comprehensive Intensives course in San Francisco. Every step along the way I have encountered someone who has challenged my perception and strengthened my knowledge and technique as a Piercer. In 2016 I met Robert who has since been a constant intellectual and mechanical influence to my career, he taught me exactly what it took to be in a fully disposable studio, pushed me into attempting more freehand style piercings, and overall increased my comfort ability as a Piercer. I was very drawn to Third Eye and its “Titanium as a minimum standard” Philosophy, I had hoped to do it myself, and luckily enough in March of 2017 I found myself working here with Robert. I continue to strive for bigger and better things, I’ve always wanted to be an APP member and this is the studio that will get me there.

Piercings by Tristan

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